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Don't know if this is the correct forum, but it says graphics & display so okay :D

In a couple of months, I'm enrolled in university for Graphics and Web Design. I'm just stuck between getting a TN Panel or the Dell 2209wa for my web development. Note that i'm on a budget so I can't afford any of the 400-500$ H-IPS or S-IPS monitors.

Question is, is it that important to use a non-tn monitor for web design. Because i'm not doing any hardcore photography work. So yeah.

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  1. I recommend getting a 22" to 24" monitor with resolutions of 1920x1080 or higher. They should not cost more than 300 dollars.
  2. i've seen webdesigners going dual-display. 1 for the webcode, the other for the actual webpage display.
  3. For web design, i think any regular LCD is just fine, since you have a limited budget then get what you buy... :)
  4. for web design, you should also be testing the web page at a range of resolutions. The max most people use would be 1920x1080, so get at least that. If your not going to print the images, then any monitor will do.
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