Coil whine on 4 different PSU's

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  1. Hey forum.
    I am new to this forum, i registered since i couldnt manage to get the problem fixed by talking to the reseller or to swedish forums.

    I have tried these different PSU:s:

    Corsair TX 650w
    XFX Pro Series 850w
    Fractal Design Newton r2 1000w
    Cougar CM 1000w

    And i've got this horrible coil whine whenever i run a benchmarking program,
    starting a game and comes to the menu screen, and also when the fps is high. I got the problem fixed by turning v-sync on, but since im using crossfire and since i've always played without v-sync (and wants to keep on doing it)
    this is not an acceptable solution for me.

    I have also tried to change keyboard, mice and also switched to a SSD hard drive instead of the old mechanic ones, and the problem is still there.

    I have also switched graphic cards from:

    GT 240
    GTX 470
    GTX 470 (another one)
    6870 BE

    And the problem has been there with all these different graphics card.

    I have also tried the computer at friends houses to see if the problem was in the connection into the computer, but no, sampe problem no matter where i run it from. I have also tried to run it outside the case and in a different case and the problem is still there. I have also changed the memory sticks.

    The only thing i havent changed is the motherboard, but is it really that big of a chance that the motherboard is causing all this?

    This is my rig for the moment:

    i5 760
    6870 BE
    4GB ram (Corsair)
    Cougar CM 1000w

    If i ever find a solution to this problem i will personally give the guy who helps me fixes this a gift, the gift is my steam account with Black ops, MW2 and some other really cool games (which i dont like to play anymore).

    Thanks for any answers that can help me and have a great day.
  2. Try switching around all the power connectors until you get rid of it, worked for many.
  3. What do you mean switching around all the power connectors?
    You mean on the 24 pin atx power connector?
  4. and IF thats what you mean, i think that can damage the mobo, and why would that fix my problem?
  5. Try disabling C States in the bios
  6. I have also noticed i have to have C-state support off because otherwise i can hear coil whine everytime i newly start the computer and when its not under heavily load, so
    there is another reason to switch mobo, or what do you say?

    r c1/c3 state support and EIS is the options i cant have ON, and have to turn them off to not hear the coil whine during NOT heavily loading.

    So, switch mobo perhaps?

    And the graphic cards has been changed, and from what I can hear the noise is coming from the PSU, same noise from all four different PSU's, and same noise from all 4 different graphic cards.

    So is changing mobo maybe the solution ?

    Cause c-states disabling did NOT remove the other whine.
  7. Sounds like changing the MB is your only option.
  8. Yeah, i have changed everything else.
    And IF that doesnt fix the problem,
    what then?
  9. No, switch all the power connectors that you use (except those who go in the mobo. of course) with some unused ones or with each other. Also the video cards PCIe connectors. I see that your PSU has no less than 6 12V rails so you have lots of options. Try to use as many rails as possible in order to not put too much strain on any of them.
  10. Dude, it sounds like the mobo, thats what i would have guessed after the PSU, say, try that PSU on another persons computer, also what is your mobo. How many phases are on your mobo and what brand/model number
  11. Tried with new motherboard now, no change.

    What now?
    I have switched all parts in the computer and i have also tried in different houses to make sure its not a electricity problem.
  12. If disabling vsync resolved the issue, have you tried a another/new monitor?
    Where are you hearing this noise from?
  13. popatim said:
    If disabling vsync resolved the issue, have you tried a another/new monitor?
    Where are you hearing this noise from?

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