Gaming Computer to play WoW 450-550$

Approximate Purchase Date: Tomorrow night (Thursday, 9/16/2010

Budget Range: (450-550)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Playing World of Warcraft, browsing the web, Microsoft Office,

Parts Not Required: Keyboard, Monitor, Mouse, Speakers, Windows 7 (OS), CD/DVD Drive

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:

Country of Origin: United States of America

Parts Preferences: Asus Mobo, Corsair RAM, AMD CPU, (basically anything that is good quality for the price)

Overclocking: Maybe (havnt gotten into OC much)

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe

Monitor Resolution: 1280x1024

Additional Comments: im still relatively new with building computers, I would like a nice quiet PC if that is possible. :)
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  1. Thanks alot, i like how it was nice and cheap :) most people ive seen jus go up to the max and a little over :O.
  2. just a note:
    This HD5770 is only $13 more initially, and actually $2 cheaper after rebate
  3. indeed, i was thinking about that aswell, thanks for your input
  4. +1 to the 5770 suggestion.

    If you haven't ordered yet, I noticed that the PSU/HDD combo isn't available. Sadly, it appears the Samsung Spinpoint F3 is out of stock, which is a great drive.

    As an alternative, using the same PSU, you could get this combo for the same price. WD drives are also very good.
  5. the f3 1TB is still in stock, and there is this combo for $119 ($20 more than the 500GB)
  6. thanks for the suggestions :O
  7. uhm well if u arent running dx 11 games and arent worried about power consumption go with 4870 its cheaper performs a tad bit better then 5770
  8. thanks for all the help and input, ill let you all know if it works out
  9. ^ The ASUS HD 5750 that I had linked was priced at around $108 before rebates, but now is jumped back to $124 and at this price, it is not a better buy like others have said...

    HD 5770
    $10 coupon code: TOUCHDOWN

    Or the one from newegg
    $10 off with promo code VGA577873, ends 9/17

    But for WoW, even the HD 4870 would be a good choice...
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