Hard drive clicks, windows freezes when GPU plugged in

Hey there,
Neither of my hard drives work in normal windows with the gpu in. On a fresh reformat they work for a short while before starting to click and freeze up. On an older installation this freeze is instant, as soon as the desktop loads.

It works as it should in safe mode leading me to believe that it may be a software problem but I haves no idea.

The hard drives work as intended in normal windows without the GPU.

I don't think it's my PSU as it's 750 watts. If it's software I have no idea where to begin.

It may be worth mentioning my mobo (MSI z68 gd55 g3) was sent away to get a BIOS update for compatability with ivy bridge, but I have installed the drivers for the update.

I just need to find the source of the problem, if it's the hard drives I'll be able to replace them soon and same with the GPU.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. I should also mention I was able to get a few games played when I thought the system was running fine, but a bluescreen ended that.
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