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Hi everyone so i recently ordered a logitech z -5500 and im using my P6X58D-E's onboard 5.1 realtek audio and i honestly havent had any problems with my current speakers wich are some old altec landsings. I havent had music on my computer for a bit since my external failed and my ipod is donzo but im getting a NEW one so i have reason to put music on my pc again lol! Anyways i know that Z-5500 arent the best or crazy audiophile quality but i want to know what is the best bang for my buck for my setup

I mostly game alot and i already own a G35 do i dont care about headset music quality but i do like to blast music while i do other stuff so could anyone make any suggestions for my setup

im looking at

SoundBlaster X-FI Titanium Fatal1ty

and Asus Xonar DX

i dont know what else is out there but ive heard some iffy stuff about the X-FI So i'd rather ask more seasons people for advice

Much appreciated in advance !
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  1. Firstly, the Z-5500's are anything but audiophile grade speakers.. Now, the X-Fi chips have reported driver problems on windows operating systems post vista.. Still, out of your provided options, i'll vote for the X-Fi.. Excellent specs (especially for gaming) and very good audio output.. IMO, driver problems are a luck thing and at that price, i'll be willing to give my luck a try..
  2. The DX is very good, you can also get the D1 (same card on PCI) depending on which slot suits you best. Probably the DX for your mono, it can go on the PCIex1 and also on the bottom PCIex16.
  3. Get the Asus Xonar and be happy ^_^
  4. Is there any reason to get the D1 over the DX ? the pci-e slot is above the vga slots and ill prob get a second 480 gtx eventually
  5. I prefer the D1 over the DX for two reasons:
    1: You don't need the ever-rarer floppy power connector
    2: The PCI->PCI-E bridge chip the DX uses can sometimes cause conflicts with the motherboard (nforce mobos have known issues with the Xonar DX and D2X).

    If niether issue applies, then the cards are essentially 100% the same.

    And yes, I'd take ANY xonar over any Creative X-fi. Spec wise, the Xonar is the superior card.
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