Need Help Toubleshooting Asus CD Drive

So I built a new computer about a week ago and the only part I haven't been able to get working was the CD Drive. After installing all the drivers over the web, I mostly forgot about it since I download most of my software. But now I need to fix it.

Here's the product on New Egg:

And here's what information I have about it:
- It won't read disks or open (without manually opening it)
- The SATA connection is good since it showed up when I tried to boot Windows 7 from it.
- It is receiving power (I think) since the green light flashes briefly when I try to open it with the button.
- While the BIOS appeared to recognize it, the system isn't. It doesn't show up on My Computer.
- Manually opening it and putting a disk in doesn't work since it won't read it.

Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot this problem, or am I going to have to return this to New Egg?
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  1. You might try another sata port on your motherboard. If everythings attached firmly and it still won't work, send it back.
  2. I'd try both another SATA port, if you've got one, and also a different SATA power cable from the PSU if you've got a free one. Individually of course.

    If it still doesn't work, I would ask NewEgg for a replacement. I could also offer an RMA, but then you'd lose the option of sending it back to NewEgg if you wanted a refund or to maybe try a different drive.
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