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Nvidia vs. ati I need to know

I have been looking over just which brand to but in a video card. I hear a lot of opinions which support ATI video boards. They cite the cooler card and less power consumption. They point to the more supported crossfire multi gpu support. The negatives are the artifacting and gray and blue streak strips, they point to restarting during gameplay. In support they point to lesser cost.
Regarding nvidia they state gtx 480 is overpriced, they point to cards running hot, they point to noisy fans, they point to heat in the box. They state the card is power hungry. What I do not hear in nvidia's positive is performance issues, no streaks, no restarts, no driver issues.
I have weeded out the cards to either the HD 5870 or the GTX 480. Which do you prefer and why? I want to make an informed decision 400-500 is not cheap.
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  1. Neither. GTX 470. You can get them for slightly under $300 and now that drivers have matured they are as fast (sometimes faster) than an HD 5870 and cooler and quieter than a GTX 480. I'd personally spend another $50-60 and get one with a third party cooling solution like the MSI Twin Frozr II.
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    A pair of GTX460's are cheaper than a single 480 and faster whilst using less power and running cooler.
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