No boot,no post beeps (have read guide)

I have a used but tested M2N-SLI MOBO and the thing won't boot.The lights and fans come on yet there are no post beeps and I have tried two speakers. The cpu is a new 9580 phenom and seems to work.I have a tested stick of ram and have tried every slot.The PSU works and so does the monitor. The graphic card previously worked and I assume it still does. I have plugged in all piwer connectors. Please help I am at my wits end with this.
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  1. By speakers, I hope you are referring to motherboard speakers and not normal speakers.
  2. no beeps may signal bad mobo ... not making it far enough into post to test ram and video

    if you take the video card out and the ram out, fire it up with just the cpu and power supply ... if things were working correctly, you should get beep codes informing you of specific things, such as ram and video issue.

    no beeps ... may indicate problem with mainboard

    i assume you have tried another power supply? reset the bios? reseat the cpu and check it for bent pins? any swollen or leaky capacitors on the board?
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