Hello all,

I am interested in buying this computer from newegg:


Has anybody here had any experience with iBUYPOWER? I admit I am really only buying this computer to play WOW. The computer I have now is an ACER X1300. I installed an Nvidea GT210 into this, but it still lacks the power to play this game how I want to play it.

Thank You
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  1. well i cant view the link too see what ur looking at but all the ibuypower computers on new egg will play wow but if i new the specs on ur acer it may be viable too upgrade and gt210 is very low on the gaming side
  2. for something that will play Wow well look for a speedy dual core or more and a graphics in the range of 5670/4770/4850/gts250/gts450 or higher range

    you wont find many prebuilt fans on here but this might be better for your needs

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