Craigslist vs $400 Sept SBM?


I need another desktop tower and found a few opportunities from looking around.

I have a strict budget of 350 USD for the system, monitor, and peripherals.

I already have a video card (HD 4850).

I want this system to have at least 4 gb of ram.

That said, it seems I can get the SBM build to somewhere in the line of 350 USD with a 2x2gb ram set and no video card (since I already have one).

I found a computer for sale on craigslist last night that fits my requirements... however I've always been leery of second hand computer components. link

Which would be better? The craigslist build or the SBM budget machine?

and do component prices get much cheaper on Black Friday??
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  1. Newegg and other sites usually have Black Friday sales.

    What are you looking for for $350?
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