Another i5 750 too hot thread..

Hey everyone,
I have been having problems with heat and my i5 750.
It is clocked with stock speeds and the stock heat-sink and fan.
I bought some thermal grease, but I'm not sure it is the right stuff..
I attached a picture below.

my current situation is that I idle at about 45-50 and at about 50-53 after the computer has been running for a while.

When I played battlefield bad company 2 for about 30 minutes last night, i noticed my temp got up to 90c!!
This seems harmful to the computer..

I took off the heat-sink, cleaned the old thermal paste, applied the stuff shown in the picture above, and re-set the cooler.
I also cleaned all the vents and took off some covering to keep dust from getting in.

My fan speeds seem like they are set correctly..

On the package it says "4-PK 2 Gram Injection Tubes Thermal Grease For CPU Fans"
It just seems like I may have applied wrong "thermal grease"...
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  1. That's a FAN grease and not CPU grease...
    Get a proper grease for your CPU, get rid the old grease and re-apply the new (right) one, make sure the cooler is properly attached.
  2. i found the stuff on amazon

    it comes with a spatula like you are supposed to use it as CPU thermal grease, so i am confused
    also says "T-grease 800 series" if that helps anyone identify it..

    Thermal Conductivity: 3.8W/m-k
    Thermal Resistance: 0.017C-in W
  3. If the problem persist then I suspect your stock cooler is not good...
  4. Yeh, it's definitely the wrong stuff.
  5. amdfangirl said:
    Yeh, it's definitely the wrong stuff.

    What I don't understand then is why it came with a spatula that looks like its for spreading the grease on a cpu??
  6. I ordered CM Hyper 212 plus just yesterday.
    My main concern is that it won't get here till the 13th-16th.
    I want to be able to play games until then without worrying about my i5 getting too hot (90c!)

    Think my best bet would just be to clean off the old paste and re-apply new?
    Would rotating the stock cooler 90-180 degrees make things run cooler maybe?

    thanks for the help!
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    Yes, you can try that, removed the old paste and re-apply the new one.
    Also rotating the stock cooler maybe/could help, just try it...
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