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I am currently building a gaming pc. Initially I had planned to buy both a regular hard drive and a ssd. I have since been thinking about it more and have begun to wonder if I could just use a ssd. I have a netbook for all my files, pictures, etc. The desktop be purely for games and so I be putting the os and games on the ssd to begin with.

So do you think I could save some costs and simply go with a ssd?
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  1. Yes, you can do that without any problem -- just make an estimation of how many GB you need for the OS, some programs you might want to use, ans your games.

    If you do not play too many games, then a 240/256GB SSD should be enough.
  2. I imagine I would have say 3-5 games installed from Steam, plus two MMOs. Then just the OS and yeah the most basic programs really just need Chrome.
  3. I think that you would be fine. If you really want to do your homework and make sure just look up the system requirements for those games and add together the space they say is required. Then add some space for your saved games and you should be just fine.
  4. The thing about a SSD and gaming is that it only helps when loading file so in your case you could maybe notice a speed up between levels. However for MMO if you find your self going back and forth to different zones alot it could help. Note depending on the MMO you could be looking at 15g install so two MMO's is 30G alone most new games are 8Gigs so 8x5 another 40G and my understanding its best to have around 20% free space on SSD for them to work well so thats about 24Gig (on a 240 HD). Windows 7 Install easly 15G gig so things add up fast.
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