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Feeling like i made a mistake.


Question #1
Recently I ordered a new video card. (The GTX460 1GB) Before this I had a brand new 470 from MSI that i had to RMA due to it being defective, but while it worked for about 2 days it ran just cause 2 perfectly with max everything, ran Age of Conan with 50 FPS with everything enabled max.

I am not going to lie....I fell in love with the performance.

I was convinced to change my mind and save myself some money and grab the 460 and overclock it a tad, making it about 10% from the 470 in performance(Which didn't sound to right)

Anyway I gave in, and I am waiting for the card to be shipped to my doorstep.

I decided to go back to the green side due to my many problems with my ATI cards. Anyway, I don't feel right...Maybe I'm scared i will lose all that performance? Can someone enlighten me? :heink:

Games I will be playing~
Mass Effect 2, Just Cause 2
Waiting to play~
Final Fantasy XIV

Moniter= 19" 1440x900 Basic LCD (If you need more info just ask)

Question #2
System Specs:
AMD Phenom II x4 940 Black Edition 3.0Ghz

Gigabyte MoBo MA78GM-US2H rev 1.0

4GB of 1066 Dual Channel DDR2 RAM

Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 32mb Cache

610(670 Max) High Performance PSU

Soon to be replaced(ATI 5770 1GB)

Antec 300 with 5 fans

(Would love you opinion on what I should upgrade next with my system...)

Will probably OC my Processor to 3.2.

Maybe my Ram needs to be upgraded?

Thank you (sorry for the long read)
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  1. Relax and enjoy the green side.

    Everything green (except green drives) is good. ;)
  2. 1440x900? You'll be fine. Even a GTX260 would be fine.
  3. 4745454b said:
    1440x900? You'll be fine. Even a GTX260 would be fine.


    You didn't need to get the 1gb version of the GTX 460 though.
  4. your resolution is not that much demanding as gtx 460 can provide...but still for future it will be just perfect so go for it...
  5. Say I updated my moniter, to a full HD will it perform then?
  6. It would still perform very well at 1080p, especially when overclocked.
  7. Best answer
    You were only seeing 50 fps from the 470 at that resolution??? Seems fairly low to me, im not sure about the game though. You want to shoot for about minimum fps of 60 for "maxing things out" and you dont want to go below 30 fps when choosing settings. Although with the 460, that wont be a problem for a long time. Even if you got a 1080p monitor.
  8. Thank you guys, you have made me feel a lot better.

    When i said Max i mean everything with 16xAF and 8xQAA
    full DX11 settings.
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