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hi im new to the froms i need help to buy a new power supply.? to pick out a good brand . the old power supply was a 500-watt 24 pin 4pin (12 v) my computer is home built and the parts i used asus motherboard asus m4a-89 pro usb video card ati 3800 512 mb. two older dvd burners one is daul layer. the old power supply the rail burned out in the 4 pin 12v.i have a older ibm 24 pin 8 pin 12 v. 425 watt i put in the computer for now. i like to know do i need a new power supply with more watts. im not sure what brand to get. and the right watts for my computer thank you for your time.have a nice day
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  2. No, you don't need higher watts, get a quality PSU like Corsair, Antec, OCZ, Seasonic, SilverStone. 500W is enough. No need higher than that. I know those PSU are expensive, but you get a high quality PSU...
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