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I have a quick question to ask. I just got a 840 pro and will be installing it into my system soon. I currently run a WD 1tb HDD. I have about 400 gigs on that HDD in use, more than the SSD. What I want to do is instal the SSD, put windows on it, and a few programs that I use very often. Essentially, Im going to do nothing to the HDD except move a few programs off it and onto the SSD. My questions are:

Does it make sense to have two drives with windows 7 on them?

Can i run programs from my HDD even when i boot from the SSD?

If you can provide a guide, thank you very much. I have looked around, but couldn't find anyone who wanted to do exactly what I want to do.
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  1. I know people don't like to hear this but the best option will be to back up your files, wipe the HDD with win7 on it, do a clean install on the SSD then replace the files on the HDD.

    That being said. You can technically get away with just doing clean install on the SSD. You could boot from the SSD and still have access to all of the files on the HDD.

    The programs on the HDD are another story. Again I can only recommend reinstalling all of the programs. There are ways to move program files and have windows still recognize where to find them. The warning is that that can of worms gets complicated fast and can cause all sorts of problems plus sometimes it just plain doesn't work for some programs.

    So in a short recap, yes it is possible to do some of the things you said. The choice for the best performing/stable system is to backup then wipe the HDD and do a clean install of windows and your programs then replace any files onto the HDD.
  2. Oh one last thing, good choice on the 840 pro I have had my eye on those drives for a while and haven't found the money to spare yet.
  3. It would be much easier to disconnect your HDD, connect the SSD, load Widows from scratch. Get it updated and get all drivers loaded. Then re-attach the hard drive and delete the windows folder. Also you could delete the programs folder unless you wanted to transfer certain games (steam) that allow that.
  4. Can anyone provide a guide for making the switch?
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