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I've Dell Optiplex 755 desktop which is connected to BenQ FP222W monitor. Now, I'm trying to use DVI cable to connect to them. Monitor has DVI input, so one end will go to the monitor, however, what about the other end? Where can I get converter or adapter so that I can connect to VGA input of my desktop??

I tried Micro Connectors (G08-220) DVI-I Female to VGA Male adapter but it couldn't detect any signal on the monitor. Any help is appreciated!!!

Note: I do not want to connect VGA to VGA cable.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. You cannot go from VGA to DVI, it cannot work without a creative converter box. VGA carries analog signal, DVI carries digital or analog but in a different format, when you plug the DVI to VGA adapter into a graphics card it triggers it to send the output signal through a DAC to convert it to analog to send along the VGA cable. I dont know why you dont want to, you arent going to lose signal quality unless its an extremely high resolution monitor like 2560x1600.
  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the quick reply. But then why these Micro Connectors (G08-220) DVI-I Female to VGA Male adapter available? What do they do exactly & where can people use it?

  3. hunter315 said:
    You cannot go from VGA to DVI

    Yes you can. It will depend on the adapters, cable and ports available.
  4. Yeah, i just found that out after a bit of research, i thought i had found before that you couldnt but you learn something new everyday, i have edited it out of my previous post. I did however discover the source of the issue, if you take a look at the specs for your monitor it supports D-sub(VGA) and DVI-D, it doesnt support DVI-I or DVI-A which would carry the analog signals, any analog input to your monitor will need to go through the VGA port.

  5. You might need to get a DVI D converter. There are 2 different types of converters you just need to make sure you have the one with all the right pins. You might also be able to buy a cable that does that already without a converter.


    There is a 6 foot DVI to VGA cable. I have like 20 of those converters here in my spare parts box of both types but that doesn't help you. :(

    BTW, are you using the onboard video for this thing? The Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3100 or did you get a different video card? I can only assume you are using the onboard because the other 2 have DVI connectors.
  6. Hi All,

    Thanks again for reply. I'm using onboard video card. My hopes are now again increased. However, the link given from BestBuy says that its one end is DVI-A & the other end is VGA.

    In my case, my monitor clearly says that it needs DVI-D input.

    Can any one point me out the URL where I can get this cable or adapter?

    Will the below cable work for me?


    It says it has DVI-I at one end & other end is VGA. Now, question is if I plug this DVI-I into DVI-D of monitor & VGA end to my desktop, would I get the signal or not?

    If any one has link to purchase such cable or adapter, please post the same, I'd really appreciate it!!

    Thanks again!
  7. DVI-D is digital only (no four pins around the flat blade) so you're SOL, sorry.
  8. Understood....Thanks everyone for all the reply. Since my monitor has DVI-D, I'll never be able to get the digital signal unless I buy the analog to digital converter box (~$250)....But thanks anyway, I understood all the DVI concepts now....For all those who are looking for DVI-D to VGA, such cable simply does not exist. The only way to get such signal is to get the converter box....

    Thanks everyone!
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