I7 950: Idle Temps Too High?

Hey guys, I installed a Corsair A70 for my Intel i7-950 and my temperatures per core range from 49 to 44c idle. I was wondering if that seems a bit high? The components are inside an Antec P193 case and the clock as at 3.3ghz; am I just ignorant towards idle temps for the processor, clock speed and HSF? Thanks for your information, as it's always valuable in my analysis.
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    What is your ambient temp?

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    System temps are not exact. EVER.
    The test of if your chip is too hot is stability.
    Once your chip is not being cooled enough, it will crash under heavy load.
    Run prime95 or some benchmarks. If it crashes, you have a problem. If not, no problem
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    Your ambient temp is low which means your idle temp is bit on the higher side.Then again your cpu is overclocked.What is your load temp?Did you increase your cpu voltage while OCing?

    Load temps don't seem to go past 70c. I didn't increase the voltage on the cpu
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