PC won't get to post - does 3 beeps

I'm trying to fault find on this PC (my parents one but I built it originally):

Gigabyte GA-M720-US3 is the board

It froze last night and then the screen lost signal and every few minutes it made a beep.

I've plugged it in and it does 3 short clicks/ beeps when you turn it on and nothing more, it won't post at all.

Removed each stick of RAM in turn, swapped them into different channels, tried them one at a time, tried some known working RAM in it and still the same.

Removed the RAM and still the same although I get a huge long beep because it's obviously upset no RAM.

Reseated graphics card, changed the motherboard battery, unplugged hard drive still the same.

I'm leaning towards it being the motherboard.

Any other suggestions before I go this route?

(Thanks in advance)
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  1. What you should do is buy another set of ram or at least 4GB... RAM these days is really cheap like 4GB right now is around $20-$40 and some even shows $14... It is most likely your Memory that's the problem so replace them with Better RAM...
  2. Find out who makes the BIOS and Google their beep codes.
  3. ram1009 said:
    Find out who makes the BIOS and Google their beep codes.

    That's the Manufacturer which is Gigabyte, Search for your mother board in google by typing "[Motherboard name] error beeps" or something similar...
  4. It's award bios. COuldn't find anything so far referring to 3 beeps.

    Have tried known working ram in it, so I'm sure it's not the ram unfortunately.
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