What do you think of this build?

Use is gaming, any changes or suggestions are welcome.

Case- Lian LI PC-1470f

Motherboard- Asus Rampage III formula

Memory- G.SKILL PI 6Gb (3x 2GB)

CPU- Intel Core i7-950 Bloomfield.

storage- G.Skill Phoenix pro series FM 25s35 120gb x2 (I typically dont use more than 200GB, i am very picky of what i put on my PC.)

Power supply- Corsair TX series CMPSU-950TX

GPU- XFX Radeon HD-5970

I would like to spend around 2500 including cd/dvd tray and OS. but will go up to 2800 so keep that in mind for suggestions.
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  1. Can you link the case? I haven't heard of that one before.

    Do you really need 240gb of SSDs? You can do lot's of cool stuff with the money you spend on an SSD of that size. Like get 3 monitors, gaming kb/mouse etc...

    I wouldn't get a tx power supply for abuild like this Id get the corsair 850hx, ax850 or sfx 850. If you want a really clean case I'd get the 850ax with the NZXT premium cables


    The 5970 is pretty bad value. 460gtx sli performs similarly of not better at a far lower cost. It also has more features and overclocks like a dream(so does the 5970 though given the right cooling(although watercooling is the only real good option when overclocking 5970s))
  2. You should still get a single SSD and a good new fast HDD like a Samsung F3.
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