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Possible Hard Drive problems?

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December 26, 2012 9:11:40 PM

I have three 1TB Hard Drives in my system.

WD 1TB Cavaiar Black (WDC) (05.01.D05)
Seagate 1TB (ST31000333AS) (SD35)
Samsung 1TB (HD103SJ) (1AJ10001)

(Model number and Firmware revision number as listed in SeaTools)

I have run SeaTools, Western Digitals Life guard thing, and HD Tune pro 5.00 (trial version).

The WD drive came back normal, but the Samsung and Seagate drives show error messages. HD Tune 5.0, says the Samsung drive has "Calibration Recount Try" warning, with current and worst both at 100, while data is 9 and threshhold is 0. For the Seagate drive, HD Tune 5.00 lists a spin recount try warning, with data 2, threshold 97, and worst / current of 100. SeaTools and WD Life Guard both passed these drives and found no problems, but the tests seemed to run rather slowly.

Overall, I have noticed that one or more of my drives seem to lag at times, but I am not sure what the cause is. By lag, I mean you tell it to do something, and it lags for a few seconds or so, before following through on the command, such as when I try to access my E & F Partitions. It also makes some noise, likes its thinking or loading.

My motherboard is an Asus M4A87TD, could that be causing me any issues? Could something on the board be causing my drives to potentially go bad?

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