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currently using dual monitors and was going to go to a 26" hd lcd screen, having trouble getting sound using the hdmi any suggestions or can u explain how u set 5770 up in detail for a 5.1/7.1 theater system? i would like to know if the 5770 can do digital sound to the receiver or am i going to need to figure it out using a soundcard that i dont really have the money to purchase atm
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  1. 5770 can do 7.1 audio on its video port. The audio comes out on the video port designated as primary display. There is only one audio chip inside the GPU card and the audio comes out to only one video port. That port the one designated as primary display.

    You can feed the HDMI output of the video card to your receiver. The receiver will get both 7.1 Audio and HD Video from 5770. Your receiver HDMI output to drive your display.

    Note on Receiver HDMI output:

    Some receiver re-process the HD video on its HDMI output. It can up-convert none-HD format (i.e. DVD) to 1080P HD format(quality is not similar to pre-recorded HDvideo such as Blue Ray but better than a regular DVD).

    Some receiver do a PASS-THROUGH approach. the HDMI video is the same as what is feed on the receiver HDMI input.

    Some receiver have an option for both.

    If you are using a PC to feed 7.1 Audio/HD video (including games) to your receiver. Then the receiver drives your LCD or HDTV. The PASS THROUGH approach is recommended. This will affect the variation in frame rate from the GPU as a function of the video task (normal applications or games).

    One quick check is you will see a fuzzy text or blurring during games. Check it out and see what works.

    Good luck

    If you opt for a Sound Card i recommend the Asus Xonar card ~$250 but it will do the job
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