Which way should the wind blow ( The fans)

Hey folks, alright I got some advice from a guy who didnt seem all that crazy and he seemed to know a good deal of information about building PCs's, anyway iv got two computers im building right now, both have 2 120mm fans at the top of the case blowing out, 1 in front blowing in, one on the side blowing in, and 1 in the back blowing out, thats my current setup...

Now the one PC which is in a cooler master 690 has the Corsair A70 installed on an amd CPU with the pull fan on the bottom, and the push fan blowing out to the top of the case where i have the two 120mm fans blowing out. Okay so This guy, real nice fellow, he said it would be much more efficiant to have the two fans at the top of the case blowing down, the top fan on the cooler blowing down, the bottom fan on the cooler blowing down, the side fan blowing in, front fan blowing in, and rear fan blowing out. Im not a pro, but im not sure if did change all the fans the other way would be a good idea? At first i thought thats crazy?? But now im honestly not sure? Bassicly all the fans and the cooler would be blowing down in to the case except for the rear fan...it just seems like it would make more sense to have the Corsair A70 blowing the air to the top of the case, and right into the two fans at the top of the case. Oh and ill have the HD 5770 installed with the fan blowing down, i think?

Any thoughts? would greatly be appreciated.

Im also wondering about my other cooler Master Snipre Case whcih also has two fans at the top and will have the ZALMAN CNPS 7500 Cu LED 110mm 2 Ball CPU Cooler installed on a i7-860
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  1. +1, your current setup is how most would advise you to set it up,
    some folks say sidefans cause more trouble than they're worth but I'm not in that gang
    Heat rises so top fans should be pulling that out of the roof, not blowing it back in
  2. Basic rule for airflow in an aircooled system:
    Front and side - intake, and
    back and top exhaust.

    All the major case makers do this.

    And sometimes a side fan helps; sometimes it doesn't. The only way to tell is to try it and go with whichever gives you the best temps.

    In a watercooled system, things aren't so clear. You need to go with whatever gives you the best airflow over the radiator.
  3. Lately, Corsair has been pushing the idea of having the rear 120mm fan blow in on their coolers. The result is a lower CPU temp, since the air is fresh and hasn't traveled past hard drives, optical drives, and half the M/B. It is also faster and higher volume because of the shorter distance.

    While the lower CPU temp looks good, it leaves a lot of hot air in your system to deal with. Your M/B, power supply, hard drives, and/or video may suffer because of it.

    But it's OK, because it makes the Corsair CPU cooler product look good, and that is all that matters.
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