Dropped a plate on my hard drive ...

Hi everyone,

Today i did something really stupid. I was eating in my chamber while watching some videos (nope, not porn) and when i finished, i put it aside and continued watching videos. When my mom told me to bring her my plate, i dropped it on my had drive and the internet browser froze (Opera) but everything was working ok until i came back. Computer was restarted and told me that there was no boot location .... Is it a broken disk ? Bug ? I'm not a pro in hard drives so i need someone that knows more than i do. I don't need it to work but i do want to get my files back (work projects, lots of music and movies, pictures and games).

Just for the information, the hard drive is a Seagate Pipeline HD .2 500GB (ST3500414CS). This kinda happened to me with another drive but it's a Western Digital and i never dropped it or dropped things on it.

- The Brownie
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  1. At the moment, i'm not using the drive. As soon as it broke i put it aside and started using another drive which i'm currently using. I will try that recorvering software in hope i could get all my data back. Is there any precise program to use ? Thanks

    - The Brownie
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    Put the HDD (the actual 3.5" silver/black Hard Disk Drive, not the PC unit) wrapped in about 14 sheets of newspaper within a series of plastic bag (three layers deep) and put it in your freezer for 4 to 8 hours.

    When it thaws out the actuators and drive heads will probably start moving freely again.

    You shouldn't loose any data either.

    - Not this is not a joke!
  3. Really ? Wow ... i never heard of that solution. I think it's so stupid that i'm going to try it :P

    - The Brownie
  4. It's fairly well reported about, and it makes sense due to the science behind it

    The HDD's can be stored (non-operating) at below freezing, it's just their operating temperatures that are typically between 8 Celsius and 68 Celsius (give or take).

    Just make sure to protect it from condensation well.
  5. I know it's a long time since that happened but i just want to say that it didn't worked so i just threw out the 2 hdds. Anyway it doesn't matter now... Thanks for the help anyway.

    - The Brownie
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