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I need some help valuing my current computer so I can get a new one with the money.


CPU: Intel Celeron D 2.9GHz
GFX Card: PNY GeForce 6200 512MB AGP 8x
HDD: 200GB (160GB, 40GB)
CD/DVD: DVD Drive, CD Drive
3 Case fans
Quite a nice case too.

Great for games, very fast, no problems.

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  1. Only a few quid. That was a low end CPU when it came out. The graphics card sells for US$ 35. Would not say "great for games" if I was trying to sell it, lest I be accused of false advertising.
  2. Might be easier just donating that to a family member or maybe a senior center. That system just isn't worth that much.

    -Wolf sends
  3. Unfortunately, its not worth much. Thats a six year old motherboard; Epox went out of business 3 years ago . AGP graphics cards are not made anymore. Celeron D is a 2 generations old single core and is nowhere near as fast as the dual and quad cores from the past 3 years. The graphics card is 4 generations old and not even as good as the current intel onboard graphics. In all seriousness, "very fast" and "great for games" are not phrases applicable to that computer since maybe 2006.

    Are your HDDs, DVD and CD IDE or SATA? If they are SATA they may be the most valuable parts you have and could net you some money. If they are IDE then they are worthless.
  4. No, I need a valuation. I can play CoD 6 and 5 with no problems. And the CPU is fantastic!
  5. I give you $200 at best. $300 is murder. Anyone with serious tech knowledge wouldn't pay more than $130 or $140.
  6. Quote:
    I can play CoD 6 and 5 with no problems.
    At what monitor resolution? Hook it up to someones 20 inch LCD and see what kind of performance you get.

    And the CPU is fantastic!

    Try to use Anandtechs CPU benchmark to compare your CPU to even a low end AthlonIIx2.
    Unfortunately your CPU is so old they dont even include it in the listings.

    rhydiansmith said:
    No, I need a valuation.
    Its too old and slow. The RAM is only DDR, newer computers all use DDR3. Its anywhere from 2 to 4 generations behind current on every component.

    My honest answer is I wouldn't advise anyone to buy it. Maybe someone who needed light web browsing and can only afford maybe $50.
  7. You guys are no help at all. I've just put this on eBay and I've already got up to £82 in bid's.

  8. deathofzero said:
    I give you $200 at best. $300 is murder.

    For that much you could buy a decent little new netbook and be much better off.
  9. Just because a computer works does not make it valuable. If it works put $100 on it and let it go for whatever someone offers you.
  10. That reminds me of my uncle. He would always bring me these old computers with P3's and semprons with 128mb of memory to fix and expected them to be as fast as my stuff. :pfff: Finally I convinced him to let me build him something, it was still a generation old at the time but he couldnt believe how much faster it was. He also upgraded from a 13" CRT to a 19"LCD yeah 13". :lol: Oh I took what I wanted out of the old ones and junked everything else.
  11. rhydiansmith,

    82 pounds is about 130 US dollars, so the estimates you are being given sound about right. Seems like you might top out at around 130 to 200 pounds.

    Also, remember the folks in the US spend a bit less for computers than in the UK for some reason, so their estimates will tend to be on the low side.
  12. My new build will be:

    AMD Phenom II x6 3.4 GHz
    6GB DDR3
    500 GB HDD

    Any complaints on this one :|
  13. rhydiansmith said:
    My new build will be:

    AMD Phenom II x6 3.4 GHz
    6GB DDR3
    500 GB HDD

    Any complaints on this one :|

    I would get a newer 770T-USB3, 770TA-UD3 or better the latest 870 chipset model. The price is not much different and you get USB3, which looks like it will become usful over the next year or two.

    What is your main use for the system?
    For gaming the x6 is not likely to perform any better than an x4 965. Could save some money on the CPU maybe.

    Which ATI graphics card?

    Which brand/model HDD?
    Seagate 7200.12 and Samsung F3 are the fastest 500GB drives and also about the cheapest.
  14. Here is a complaint for you, rhydiansmith, since you're looking for one. You moan and groan about us not being any help. I summarize all the comments, because although not stated politely, you have a point. You don't even offer any thanks, but then take your thread in a new direction.

    Your build has the following attributes:
    1) You did not take the time to provide us with basic information like primary use of the PC, budget, preferred vendors etc. There is a sticky at the top of this forum which identifies all that is needed, but you are probalby not even aware becasue you most likely have not taken the time to read much of anything here.
    2) You did not do the most basic research - that motherboard will not run a Phenom II CPU, let alone a hex core. The memory will not work with the CPU or the motherboard. 6 GB is also inappropriate for Dual Channel memory. The build is incomplete and two thirds of the parts are unidentifiable.
    3) There are threads in here that are hundreds of posts long and answer dozens of questions for those that are interested in learning, and motivated to do so. Yours is not one of them.
  15. ASUS P5N-E SLI - motherboard - ATX - LGA775 Socket - nForce 650i SLI :fou: :fou: :fou:

    Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHz Processor G0 revision 4x cpu :o :o :o

    windows 7 ultimate

    ZOTAC GeForce GT 430 Graphics card - 1 GB - DDR3 SDRAM
    Get a taste of Microsoft DirectX 11 powered by NVIDIA Fermi architecture :kaola: :kaola:

    4GB ddr2 can take 8GB :pfff: :pfff:

    The new asus Gold cpu heat sink :sol: :sol: :sol:

    2x dv dl rw drives :pt1cable: :pt1cable:

    1x500GB Seagate barracuder and 1x200 seagate barrcuda both 7200 :sol: :sol:

    cooler master tower box :lol: :lol: :lol:

    front 120mm bearing fan 1x back case 200mm bearing fan :lol:

    500w stealth extream 2 psu :bounce:

    great for overclockers but you would need a to put a heat sink on i think the south bridge only clocking board without but top m/board thumbs up built this myself
  16. any offers reply uk only thou
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