Can i install an ati card on a ASUS P5N-E SLI mobo


My 8800 gt 512 has died and im looking for a new card to replace it.

Will i have any problems buying an Ati Card with a Pn5-e sli mobo as it uses a nvidea chipset?
Sorry if its a noobish question.

Also any recommended cards for sub £100? (can spemd more if needed but would prefere not to)

Quad core Q6600
4gb ram
2x250bg hdd
22" w/s monitor
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    No there won't be a problem using a single ATI card in a SLI motherboard.
    HD 4850 would be a good choice
  2. no dont buy ati card with that, here's my experience

    Hi, i just wanted to share my bad experience with asus, so you guys know. I'm a P5N-E SLI owner who experienced problem with newly acquired ATI graphic card.

    So here's my conversation with asus support (all copy paste, no modifications!)

    ME: [Problem Description]
    When i boot my computer, i got no signal to my monitor (4 beeps), then if i hit reset
    after the windows startup sound, computer reboot and it works. Problem started when
    i bought my video card, but this motherboard is supposed to be compatible, i've check
    before buying.

    And when i do a research on internet, i find lots of peoples with exact same problem
    as me with same motherboard, but not always same video card. Anything i could do?

    ASUS: Hello
    In this situation,please move the video card to another PCIe slot to see if the same
    If no effort,please clear CMOS and try again.

    ME: Hi, i've switched my video card to another pcie, but as soon as i've boot, there was 4
    beeps. And it never worked, even after rebooting. So i have put back the video card to
    original slot. I cleared CMOS, but didnt work neither. Any other suggestion? It is
    supposed to be compatible with ATI graphics...

    ASUS: In this situation, please first try to have a further check with your vendor, if possible. If this is not possible, you will need to contact our RMA department for assistance as follows:
    1) If you have Internet access, you can visit this website:
    to request an RMA.
    Please include your name, mailing address, telephone number, and the serial number of your product.
    2) Also, you could call our RMA department at 812-282-2787 (Hours: 5:30am ?9:00pm(PST) support) select option 2 then option 2. Please have the serial number of your ASUS product handy when you call.

    ME: mb wont boot with new ati video card, 5850, gotta press reset to make it work

    ASUS: Unfortunately according to your serial number you are out of warranty as of Aug 2010.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    ME: i understand that i am not under warranty, perhaps, my motherboard isnt broken, it is
    just not doing what it is supposed to do. If you buy something that is supposed to do
    a thing, and that in fact cant, then why say it can? It would be actually fraudulous, I am
    not trying to do crossfire, i am not stupid, this is a sli mb, i am only trying to do a single
    pcie x16 ATI video card. If you tell me again that i am out of warranty, i'll make sure to
    post on every forums about this problem what you have replied to me, as stupid as it
    is written, and make sure i'll never buy from asus again, same for my friends and
    family. I got 4 computers at home, mostly asus. I hope it is now clear. If you think you
    cant handle this, then please ask your boss. There is no such thing in the asus
    website where it says this motherboard doesnt support ATI video cards.

    ASUS: Then you will need to submit a ticket for tech support or call the tech support line at 812-282-2787 opt 2. I have pasted a link below to submit a ticket online. Have a nice day!

    ME: after buying an ATI Radeon 5850, i got lots of problems with my p5n-e sli. When i boot my computer, i gotta press reset to at windows startup to make my computer works. I have reseted cmos, tried the other pci-e slot, but nothing works. I have already contacted asus support, then asus rma, who told me to get to you again (see the conversation following this). Any idea or solutions?

    Still unanswered, after more than 2 weeks...

    I hope you have read this, i'm getting annoyed with this...

  3. i still got the same problem as you same Mb and graphics card did you get it sorted if so how ? thanks
  4. Hi, sorry to have to do this, but its an old thread, if you will, please make another new thread addressing your problem, as you wont get the same people, and each situation is different per user. So, Im closing this thread, start another, with your particular problems
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