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what is the normal operating temperatures for CPU and HDDs on a laptop. I am using an lg E300 which seems to be running hotter than most laptops. I have installed CPUID and I am getting around 54 degrees for the CPU and 42 for the hard drive. Please Assist
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  1. That's normal, buddy. Don't worry about that. :)
    Laptops are designed to stand with heat more than desktop. For comparison, my old (2,5 years) Toshiba M200 running: CPU=60'C and HDD=50'C. That's with 30'C ambient temperature, I ever reached 70'C (CPU) and 60'C (HDD) when it's get hot in my room (35'C+)...
  2. Thats not bad really, as long as your fans are kicking in when needed, you can also check temps with HWmonitor.
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