Mid Gaming rig

CPU-Intel core 2 quad q8400

MOBO- Intel DG41KR

RAM- 2 GB Kingston ddr3 value ram@1333mhz

HD- Seagate DT3500418as 500 GB

DVD- Samsung SH -S223f 22X DVD WRITER


PSU -Zebronics 600w PLATINUM 12v@27A
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  1. probably 1280x960 with mid to high settings, depending on the game. the biggest limiting factor is the 9600 gt, if you can spare a few extra dollars to get like a 4850 or gt 250, you'd be able to play everything at its highest settings at 1440x900, and probably even 1600x900
  2. It depends on the games that you play but you should be able to play most games fine on high setting(some on medium) on a resolution like 1280x960, for higher resolutions,you may need to lower the settings
  3. who may know about the upcoming games graphic demands ..if it will be like crysis 2 then it may drop to little like 1024x768...or even less..
  4. then how about split second,just cause 2,etc
  5. I would say 1280X960@medium settings for good framerates.9600gt is surely not suitable for playing demanding games likes crysis or BC2.Games like split second,just cause2 should run quite good at medium settings@1280X960 resolution.
  6. karthik_11 said:
    then how about split second,just cause 2,etc

    It can handle those games fine on medium(with some setting on high,if you disable AA/AF) settings on 1280x960
  7. how about 1440*900 at medium with aa off

    also i have the green power edition of 9600 gt with 48 shaders. 256 bit gddr3. speed core600/mem 700/ shader1500
  8. I think these games can run with this resolution and settings so best is to give a try to all the game you mentioned...
  9. I tried Split Second, its a capped frame rate game. I think at 30fps. I can't play a driving game like that. For driving chaos, Blur is a better game.
  10. dirt 2 is even better than blur....give it a try...and graphics are really awesome...
  11. my friend is playing dirt 2 1028*768 every thing high with an 9500gt don't you think 9600 gt can handle a bit more....
    and it's right karthick best solution you can find is by trying every game you mentioned....
  12. rocky41 said:
    dirt 2 is even better than blur....give it a try...and graphics are really awesome...

    Yes, I know its better. I like NFS Shift, Dirt 2 the best for racing. Split Second was mentioned, imo, Blur reminds me of that. Arcade racer, blow stuff up type game. I can't believe Nascar type games are all but extinct.

    ESPN, had a little article about a online Nascar game that former Sierra employees started. Did not look very impressive. They showed Dale Jr. with a three monitor setup.
  13. @dipankar 2007ind. what you suggest is true but i am in a dilemma. i currently run

    my so called 9600 gt on my 5year crt monitor. i dont whether to keep playing in my crt

    monitor or buy a samsung 20" monitor. That's why i keep on verifying about the

    performance of my so called 9600 gt. Moreover I cannot buy a new gpu again.

    i did not check the specs when buying my 9600 gt. It's just been 3 months since i

    bought it.
  14. yeah i was the one who asked. My first gpu was nvidia fx 5200. I finished several titles using it. now i plan to keep my

    9600 gt as far as it gives me acceptable frame rates. when the fermi series come down in price say about mid of 2011

    i plan to replace with a gtx 400 series. i had a doubt whether i should have bought a i3 530 series than my quad q8400.

    But I don't see any lag at all in my system. so i wanted to make sure whether it would take a higher end directx11 gpu

    without any bottleneck. i don't plan to overclock my processor. what do you think? should i have purcashed a i3 ?
  15. Hey your q8400 is way better than the i3 530

    also 9600gt is good enough for the resolution your old crt monitor can handle...

    it will be good enough for the fermi....don't worry..
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