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About 2 weeks ago i got my new comp. Havent really had time to test out games so really just been using internet. When i installed the driver everything worked except my screen had green pixels all over it, the more i used it, the worse the pixels got. I have a radeon 5870 just wondering if its the driver or the card problem. thanks
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  1. You are showing the classic signs of an overheating GPU or an underpowered GPU (insufficient PSU). If you are overclocking the CPU or GPU, return to the default settings and see if that helps. Also, need to know more about your system (type of CPU, motherboard make and model, amount memory, PSU make/model/wattage, etc.
  2. gigabyte 890fxa-ud5 motherboard, 4 gb ram, AMD Phenom II B.E, XFX 650 80+ PSU, XFX ATI radeon HD5870. Any help would be awesome. Thanks
  3. I actually have the same mobo, it is a good one. Are you overclocking anything? How are your temps running (CPU, mobo, and GPU)?
  4. Another thing you can try is uninstalling the drivers you have and installing another.

    See if that fixes your issues.
  5. Agreed, installing current drivers is a good idea. My concern is with this statement "the more i used it, the worse the pixels got". These artifacts are generally associated with overheating or inadequate power or both.
  6. just installed 10.7. still happening. with the overheating i haven't changed it from default settings, should i tone it down and try? and if so how?
  7. huh.. i turn on my comp. its got a few pixels, i run ET6 and it clears... cool i guess?
  8. You could check ATi Overdrive and see if the temps are high.

    If it's happening at the desktop, I have a hard time believing it's overheating, unless the fan is completely stopped.

    I had 1 5870 have the same exact issue. It simply was defective and I returned it for a new one. I've not had a problem since.

    It was also interesting to note, that the green pixels did not show up when I was playing games.
  9. nevermind.. the little green critters are back.. hmm thats weird..
  10. looks like im just gonna have to return it. thanks alot all.
  11. Yes, RMA the GPU. Good luck!
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