Windows 7 64Bit Input not supported

My System : Intel C2D E7400 @ 3.6GHz
Gigabyte G41 ES2H Mobo
Zotac 9800GT 1GB Synergy
Viewsonic 20" Monitor (1600X900)

I just switched to Windows 7 64Bit.

When I Launch Mirrors Edge the monitor goes blank with the error "Input not supported". The same thing happened in 3DVision setup. The monitor is fine and this has never happened earlier(Windows XP or Windows 7 32Bit). I have tried various drivers and even reinstalled the Videocard. Cant I launch The game in safe mode or something or adjust settings with a launcher as in Batman AA. Please Help.
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  1. OK, There was a problem with the VGA cable.
    Thank you all for your LACK OF SUPPORT.
  2. Don't expect to receive a reply as soon as you post a thread,some times you even have to wait for 1 day,so i won't call this a lack of support.Its a matter of time.
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