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Just a general question about the GT220, I recently bought my computer from Dell (stop cringing), and knowing the limitations of a 'light-weight' graphics card, chose to put a GT220 1gb card in. Now, I do intend on upgrading this card when I can afford it, but in the meantime, I find that when my computer has been running for about 4hours or so - and by running, I just mean that - web browsing or typing up documents, I find that the card will 'Stop Reponding' and then 'Windows has recovered' or something. I haven't been able to catch the actual error yet as it shows up as a pop up in the quick bar and when clicked it just disappears.

My theory is that the graphics card RAM reboots - however I have never had this occur on any card that I've had and just wanted to know whether there is a solution to it. Here are my PC Specs:

Dell Vostro 430
Processor = Intel i7 CPU 860@2.80GHz
RAM = 6gb
OS = Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
I have a standard Dell Monitor (Dell E2310H(digital) and a Nvidia Geforce GT220 card with 1gb of memory.

Please reply with any suggestions.

Yours sincerely,

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Make sure you have the latest VGA drivers installed, if it didn't help,try a different OS like XP.
  2. I agree with updating the drivers. However I think if that doesn't work, there would have to be a better solution rather than downgrading to XP. Check your power settings to see if the HD is going to sleep after a certain amount of time inactive or try a different screensaver. Also take a look at any background processes that are running and see if any can be disabled without affecting your activities.
  3. Well, I'd prefer not to downgrade to XP - since I don't have a 64-bit version of XP and I actually don't have any other problem with Windows 7. The Video Driver just randomly not responding but recovering seems a little strange, but on the whole wouldn't warrant a full downgrade - but that's just my opinion.

    VGA Drivers? I'm using the DVI port - it seems unlikely that I would require drivers for VGA. But either way, I have the most recent drivers for both monitor and card.

    I make sure that my HD doesn't ever go to sleep, although the monitor powers off after 15mins. I don't use a screensaver - seeing as it isn't required in today's monitors. Background processes are minimal. Just the usual Windows Login, SYSTEM and AVG running. I like to keep a circumspect computer.

    I'll try catch the message when it happens next. I just wanted to see if anyone else was having the same issue with this particular graphics card - because if it is just my computer, I'll have to send the whole thing back before my warranty runs out.

    But I figured this was a graphics card only problem, hence why I'm letting it be known here - where other people might say they have the same problem. In which case, I would know that it is just the card and that the likelihood is when its replaced, my computer will run like the happy chap it should be.

    ^.^ Thanks for the replies! Any other input would be awesome.

  4. Well the "Driver stopped working and has recovered..." is a common issue, and some i have seen users fixing it with a new driver,downgrade to XP,disabling Aero etc. But lots of them had to replace(or RAM it) their card.
    I had the same problem with my old XPS M1730 and i got rid of itt(since it wasn't under warranty),i tried many solutions but none helped me.
  5. Have you tried under-clocking the card? it fixes the issue with my basic usage PC's 7200GS.
  6. I wouldn't know how to go about 'underclocking' my card. I don't even know know how to over-clock it. ^.^
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