Q9550 vs q9400 vs q8400 vs e8200

i want to get an upgrade to anything within my price range. however im not sure which is best.... because of where i live anything that is USD $100 is $200 where i live. so that means the i7's are out o the question... for the next couple of years at least

what is available for me however are :


and cuz shipping where i live is a terrible im limited to those.... i have no experience with OC so i doubt i will want to now which can reach the highest OC cuz i wont do it.

so plz i would jus like an answer as to which would be the best for the future on stock settings.

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  1. Akira00 said:

    and cuz shipping whee i live is a bitch im limited to those....

    Please refrain from using abusive languages in the forum.

    About your question... i5 760 would fit your budget nicely. Is it $200 for the CPU only?

    But to go for an i5 config you would need new RAM, new motherboard.
  2. srry about the language.... i changed it

    and as i said where i live its doubled... so if i look at an i5 this is how much i will have to spend

    ram $400
    motherboard $400
    $i5 450

    and i dont have that kind of money.... what i do have is a core 2 chipset. thats why i asked about that range of cpus
  3. Where do you live in?

    So its $200 for the RAM+motherboard+CPU is it?

    Do you have a current PC? If yes, please mention its specs.
  4. motherboard: G31-M7 TE
    ram: 3gb PC2-5300 667mhz 2gb+1gb
    gpu: 9600 gso
    sound: x540
    monitor: Asus VH236H 23 inch
    and i was able to play all games up to 2009 on max settings. however crysis and nfs shift caused some probz
  5. Hmm... tough call. You can go for a mid end quad and a good GPU. That is the best you can do!

    I am not sure where you stay and what the prices are there. But i would definitely say.. wait a month or so, save a lot and get a new PC.
  6. thats a bummer for me =\
    cuz all the money i get from work i use to put myself thru college. i barely got $700(my currency) from a little extra something. so saving for the next couple of months is like so impossible for meh :(
  7. What monitor do you have and what PSU?
  8. 500w standard psu and a Asus VH236H 23 inch
  9. That's quite a big screen you have got there. I can think of the Q8400 and the HD5770 as your best choice. If you are going only for the CPU then of course Q9550 is the best choice. But gaming depends more on GPU rather than CPU. Check for the combo and let us know your prices.
  10. well im not looking to crush any benchmarks.... jus play games.... gpu wise its holding up pretty well considering i currently have a pentium 4 processor @ 3.0 ghz :p
  11. I am not talking about crushing benchmarks! I am just saying now that you are at least moving into the games which really need the Horse Power! Like a quad core and good GPU. HD5770 would the job nicely, but unfortunately the 9600GT wont.
  12. ok... well i guess ill get the q9550 and upgrade the gpu in a while if i get the chance =\
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