SSD-HDD storage options, what's the best?

I'm building my very first rig and getting into understanding the basics of computer building. I've heard about three different SSD-HDD combination options, which is the best?

Combination 1: A plain SSD and an HDD, with your more important files on the SSD for speed and the HDD for storage. This seems to be the most expensive

Combination 2: An SSD that is purely used for caching, like the Sandisk, with storage on the HDD. I've seen a 32GB one for $50, but would it be suitable for a gamer like me?

Combination 3: A hybrid Hard drive-SSD.

I want the combination that has the best speed performance with price obviously. I plan on using my rig for gaming and putting and using the SSD speed boost for games and the OS itself.

So which would be better of the three?
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  1. Anyone know?
  2. 1. Will give you the best performance.

    The only benefit you will see in games is a faster loading of levels from an SSD.
  3. Alright thanks
  4. I use Option #1 and it works great for me.

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