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can i mount an lcd tv on a door so the picture is upside down and then when i flip up the door it will be the right way to view? i would like to mount it on a camper storage door that flips up so i can watch tv outside while camping.
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  1. I don't get your question, but if you are asking for a feature similar to the iPod Touch/iPad/iPhone where an accelerometer calculates it's tilt, then no. If you mean an LCD TV that has the ability to change rotation views, then most likely yes.
  2. If you want it AUTO then most likely no.
    But you always can manually adjust it...
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    Basically you want to hang a tv upside down on a door that will act as a hider for the lcd when not in use and when you plan you use it, you will then flip the door up showing the tv. Your question is if this will hurt the tv. The answer is no. They can even be displayed on its side if you wish. the only thing you need to worry about is weatherization of the compartment from cold and water. LCD tv screens will shatter if the weather is too cold. Store the TV in a proper place durign winter/cold months.
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