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OK, so I am considering buying a projector (for watching movies, playing some games with xbox controller) and also a graphics card update. I like the look of this OC'ed GTX 460 ( I already have a dual monitor set up and I have learned from reviews that Nvidia cards only support 2 displays (I am not considering an SLI system atm).

My question(s):
If I get the 460 and plug in all three displays, will I be able to use my normal dual monitor set up most of the time, and then quickly and easily swap my second display for the projector using onboard software, and have all the settings remembered?

Is it worth spending a bit more for the HD5850 which supports 3 displays at once, but doesn't seem to offer any real performance boost? (Considering that 90% of the time the projector will be disabled and I will never need all 3 displays at once)
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  1. when you want to use the projector, you would need to disable one of your monitors (i believe you can do this via nvidia's software)

    unless you want to run all three at the same time, there is no real need to switch to the 5830
  2. Thanks, that is what I thought. My key issue is that I want it to recognise all 3 displays at once even if it only outputs to 2 and allow me to have resolutions and display settings for all 3 displays so that I can switch between projector and secondary monitor instantly without having to reconfigure the resolution or do any messing around with unplugging/replugging cables.
  3. it will only recognize 2 at a time
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