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So currently have 2 small m4s 1 for windows and 1 for my games. Friend is going to sell me his 256g m4 which I plan to use for games. Just looking for ideas on what to do with the 60g m4. Raid maybe or can I use it to cache my larger ssd when loading up games?
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    you could use it as a scratch disk for video editing, or dedicated "Libraries" fka "My Documents" , or pass it on as a gift or sale . raid only if your hardware full support SSD RAID, and cache probably last if at all
  2. If I raid it will be just for windows would this be useful and which raid to use? Im assumind raid works the same for ssd as hd and I've only done raid 0 before.
  3. No it doesn't hence my comment. Current SSDs have some important features that must be supported by the mobo. You can still create the RAID, but the drives won't be performing as they should.
  4. I was sorta hoping you'd at least type it into google, but it looks ok for raid as long you update the bios and drivers and use the intel ports.
  5. Cool thx
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