Im a noob once again

it's been a LONG time since i've built a computer. 6-7 years. I always used antec and enermax psus in the past.

I'm looking at doing a new build for mostly gaming. I wanted to know if the 500W psu that comes in the Apevia x-qpack2 case has the power and the connectors for my build.

If it doesn't i'm going to use the thermaltake lan box and a modular 700W topower

Here are my parts:

Intel Box DP55 WB Micro ATX mainboard
Intel Core i7 920
Kingston Hyper X 3 x 2GB matched set
WD Caviar Blue 500 GB Sata 16GB Buffer 7200 RPM
Sony AD-7241 Sata DVDRW
GTX 570 1024 MB

I've never used SATA or PCI-E before. Does the PSU below (comes with the case) have the power and connectors I need. It will save me about 40.00 on my build and I like the case better than the thermaltake. using the apevia case and another PSU is not an option because of price.

Thanks in Advance

115V/230V - 60/50Hz

+3.3V = 25A
+5V = 30A
+12V1 = 16A
+12V2 = 18A
-12V = .06
-5V = .06
+5VSB 2.6


Power Supply Connectors

* 1 x 24pin Main Power (20 + 4 pin)
* 1 x 12V (P4)
* 6 x Peripheral
* 2 x Floppy
* 2 x SATA
* 1 x PCI Express
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  1. I doubt anyone serious on gaming would use a PSU that comes with a case, unless it's a custom bundle.

    Buy your case and PSU separate.

    get a good Corsair PSU, and a decent case.

    What's your budget for both?
  2. my budget is 1200.00 including everything.

    The LANBOX lite and a modular Toppower 80+ Silver 700 watt come to 140. It's already in my budget.

    The apevia has a handle and look a little tougher but yeah, if I bought it and ditched the PSU it would cost me 95 + 70 = 165.00

    THat $25.00 would knock me down from a core i7 920 to a core i7 870

    I guess I'll go with the lan box and 700w modular.
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