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My current setup:

Msi p6n platinum sli mobo, 8th kingston ram, 2x evga 8800gt ssc in sli, corsair 750w psu, intel e6420 CPU.

My question is: i was hoping to have enough money to upgrade my core components but unfortunately that didnt happen. I have just enough to upgrade my CPU to either a quadcore q8400 or a dual core e8400. My question is will it be a worthwhile upgrade over my e6420. I can't use anything but lga775 because I can't afford to upgrade the mobo. My CPU has always been my bottleneck as well. I was wondering if the performance boost will be worth the 180.00 I'm going to end up spending .

Thank you in advance!
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  1. You best best is to overclock that chip to 3.0 or higher, if your willing and able. Then save your money for a full system upgrade. Maybe Sandy Bridge or the 22nm die shrink a year or so later.
  2. Either will be worth it but the quad will definitely be worth it. With SLI 8800gt's, your CPU is the holding back factor.
  3. If you're not gonna OC, then maybe the E8400 would be a better choice. I have one combined with 4gb of Ram, and a GTX260 216. (Perfectly balanced) :)
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