I have a very weird problem about my ASUS EAH5770 card. Please help me

Dear all,

I have a very weird problem about my EAH5770 card. I use this card play games such as prototype, batman asylum is experiencing laggy gameplay. The weird thing is, whenever I reinstall driver to the video card. Game play goes smooth again. When I restart the company, I experience laggy gameplay again.

I tried to uninstall CCC and use driver sweeper to clean video driver completely. All my motherboard's driver should be up to date. Follow is my computer's spec.

AMD athlon II
Win7 32bit Ultimate

Thanks !
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  1. Have you tried the catalyst 10.4?
  2. I believe I have not tried that yet. Does that help ?
  3. Dear Raiyus13,

    Would you mind to tell me what is the good side of using Catalyst 10.4 ?
  4. What is your PSU? brand? model?
  5. jlau2001 said:
    Dear Raiyus13,

    Would you mind to tell me what is the good side of using Catalyst 10.4 ?

    it's the most stable driver from ati till date.
  6. My PSU is delta 450W 80 plus. Should have enough juice to run my rig
  7. http://www.badcaps.net/forum/showthread.php?t=7708
    Is that your PSU?

    Try as Raiyus13 said above, use the older driver like 10.3 or 10.4 and report again...
  8. Guys, I reinstalled Catalyst 10.4, again it went choppy after restart. any ideas ?
  9. What are the temperature readings of your CPU and GPU?
  10. how to check temp of my CPU and GPU ? do you have any program recommend to me ?
  11. and I am using Delt ServerPower 450W
    Sorry for the Chinese, I just grab it from anywhere
  12. Raiyus13,

    The program you suggested does not support AMD Athlon X3, which I am using as CPU
  13. too much hassle, maybe I reinstall win7 and conclude. Any other ideas ?
  14. Do these restarts initiate by you rebooting ? If your computer always crashes it could be in some kind of cycle where it updates, re-writes old system files over current ones, because it thinks its repairing.
    A reinstall might be your best bet.
  15. restart initiate by my rebooting, and it does not crash.

    The PC runs perfectly, just whenever I restart after I install driver. Game lags
  16. i need to know that whether it is overheating.
  17. I use AMD overdrive instead. CPU temp is around 35, where Video card around 50.
    I ran Final Fantasy 14 benchmark and got 3330, which consider as fairly high performance.

    I will do a clean uninstall and reinstall Cataylst 10.4 and run again
  18. Ye, temps are fine,do a re-installation and let us know.
  19. I reinstall the driver and run benchmark again, got 3164. I am really speechless.
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