My new d-link dir 615 router wont pick up internet signal

i have a d-link wireless G dsl-2640r and i want to swap it for my new d-link wireless N dir-615 for a bigga wireless range however the new router wont connect to the internet.all other lights come on except for the internet one.i also had this problem trying to set up a netgear router.i have windows 7 and an old laptop with windows XP if that has anything to do with it.
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  1. Isn't the 615 designed to work with a separate modem, usually cable. The G DSL 2640 sounds like it has DSL modem built in.
  2. Ask your ISP about the IP settings, there's nothing wrong with the router's, I have used most of them, yeah the wireless N is the fastest so far. One thing run the CD first the one you get when you purchase the router first.
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