Is one 128mb ddr ram better than two 64mb ddr ram?

The topic title says it all.

I'm interested cause I've inserted two 64mb ram cards, one 128 and one 256, so it now comes to a total of 512mb ddr ram, which should be more than enought for the computer to browse the internet, play movies, music, etc...

Also, how important is it that all memory cards inserted must work at the same frequency? Could that cause some problems?

But sometimes it just freezes, and must be restarted.

I doubth it's softwere related, seeing as I've instaled Linux a few weeks ago.

Thanks for reading :) .
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  1. I'm not sure if 512MB is enough to do all that (internet, play movies, music). On this day and age, I wouldn't recommend ANY build with less than 1GB, and this only on Win XP.. If Vista or 7, 2GB minimum. However, you're running Linux, of which I know nothing, so it's up to you.

    Focusing on your initial question, 2 sticks are better than one when ran in dual channel mode. To do this, I believe they have to be of the same size and speed.

    To be honest, I wouldn't mix 3 different sizes and speed as you're doing. Definitely can't lead to anything good.
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