Display not starting

Hi all i need some help plz!
My problem is as follows Everytime i restart my pc the screen stay's black the cpu fans and chassis fans all start up but no display.I then have to turn off the power completely and then restart to get the screen going agian.
My system
AMD 790gxm-ad3 Mobo
4x3400mhz cpu
4 gig ddr3 1333 memory
realtek gtx 260 extreme gpu
730 w psu (new)
500 gig samsung sata hdd

I've tried the following 1 new psu (2) starting from onboard graphic's (3) change memory 1 at a time (4) new installation of windows 2 time's (5) Removing power from all drive's(6) changed display (screen) nothing seems to work can some1 plz help thanks
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  1. You checked possibly everything.so, the only part you are left with is the mobo.It may be the culprit.
  2. This Mobo is still new never had this problem with vista or xp can it be a software issue?
  3. Is it occuring with win7 only? I don't think it is any OS problem.
  4. It looks like its with win 7 only i've tryed removing the ram and restart with no ram still nothing no error beeps and no post :(
  5. Ok try installing a different OS and see.
  6. K i'll do that thanks for the assist i'll let you know :)
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