Problem at booting with USB keyboard

Hi! I have an Asus motherboard, model M4A87TD/USB3. I've connected usb keyboard and now the computer just doesn't boot properly. 2-3 seconds after power up, when there is a message Loading Asus Express Gate, it just freezes, nothing happens after that at all, the message stays displayed. I need to manualy restart the computer. Than everything seems fine. The keyboard is Logitech K120. Previously, I had PS/2 keyboard, I had no problems with it. Also, I have 6 usp ports on this motherboard, and the problem exist on all of them.
What's the problem??
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    Try a different USB Keyboard, the keyboard itself could have a 'short' - I've seen a shorted Mouse cause a Post Failure. IF you have small children or animals in the house it's not too uncommon for the cables to be bitten.
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