Advice for MicroAtx Build

I will be spending about 1000$ on this rig.I just want to know if I should make any changes.

CPU- Intel Core I3 540-
Motherboard- MSI H55M-ED55-
RAM- G.SKILL Ripjaws 4GB-
Video Card- x2 ZOTAC Synergy Edition GTX 460-
Power Supply- XFX 650W-
HDD- SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 1TB-
ODD- Lite-on ODD-
Case- Lian-Li PC-V351B-

I already have everything else including OS.
Would really like for the Lian-Li case to stay.
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    ^ Hi, the board that you have chosen wont do would need a board like this one -

    The GTX 460's price does look very attractive, but having 2 cards in a small case might pose some heat issues, but if those cards exhaust the hot air outside the case, then its fine...

    PSU - This XFX is cheaper -
  2. Thanks a lot for the information.
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  4. The board that kay09 posted..... my friend has one of those with 2 MSI "circular" cooler GTX460's in sli on it in an InWin Black Dragon case... ( really gray in color ).... and it runs cooler than what he had it in before. Might be worth looking into. I have that case too and it's really the nicest and probably the coolest running case you can get for a micro atx board. Good Luck.
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