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Hi All -

I am doing a new build using a Thermaltake Armor+ Mid-Tower and want to know which air cooler will fit.

I have previously built with Thermaltake's full tower version of the same case and barely squeezed in a Thermalright Ultra 120 - the fit was tight because the big side fan of the case chewed up room. I'm concerned that the mid-tower, which is an inch narrower, also has a side fan and will therefore need a shorter cooling tower. Motherboarrd will be ASUS P7P55D-E Pro, holding an i5-760 processor.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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  2. Thanks for the information.

    I have looked at each of the coolers suggested in the article and find that they are all very tall (120mm or greater). The Thermaltake model recommended by beanoslim features a "bent over" configuration which holds promise, however. :) I will take a look at the horizontal restrictions in the case to see if it encounters issues I am not yet aware of (video card spacing, etc)

    Thanks again for the suggestions!
  3. Sorry - I should have said "Thermalright" in the above reply.

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