Weird start up screen then BSOD

Well I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

I can get up to the point where it asks if I would like to use the system repair service or start up normal, then shortly after crashes.


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  1. Graphics card problem of some sort.

    If you can run in safe mode but not normal then its probably the drivers.
  2. Yes I would put money on the Graphics Card Memory acting up. Probable cause is damage from a bad PSU. Check the PSU out and make sure it is not faulty before replacing your Graphics Card. I suspect your PSU has damaged the GPU's RAM.
  3. Does the board have onboard graphics and/or are you running a card.
    Post your system.
  4. Card is a 9800 GX2 by BFG

    Forget the maker of some of the pieces, computer is about 3 years old now.
    Intel dual core 3.0Ghz
    4gb Ram
    500GB Harddrive
    Asus Striker Extreme - Motherboard
  5. I agree with dndhatcher. Try to get into safe mode. It uses the windows default driver there. That will rule out or confirm the driver as an issue. Though, you have some pixelation in the BIOS, so I'm thinking there is a hardware or maybe a clock setting issue.
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