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i have a apc back ups es 500 and iam planning to buy seasonic 520w bronze soon, can you tel me what precautions i should take so the active pfc dicrepencies can be avoided.
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  1. Well, there's no need to worry anything, just use it normally: PSU PC -> UPS -> Wall Socket.
  2. I am not familiar with that specific PSU. I can tell you that SOME (e.g. Antec Signature), but not all (e.g. Enermax Liberty) Active PFC PSUs do not like the "simulated sine wave" waveforms of cheap UPS units like the Back UPS ES and will simply shut off when they switch to battery. You won't damage anything by testing. If you find that your PSU will not stay on, then you need to buy a better UPS. I got an APC SUA750, and my SG-650 runs just fine on it. Cyberpower has a new series of UPS units they say are designed for Active PFC power supplies, but I've not tried one yet, so I cannot tell you from experience if they will work.
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