GTX 275 or a GTX 460

I've been meaning to upgrade my 4850 for a while now, in preparation for the launch of Final Fantasy XIV, and I'm wondering which you guys think will be the better card to choose.

A friend of mine recently made the upgrade to a gtx 480 so hes selling his gtx 275 for 100$, I can confirm it works and that he takes good care of his stuff. The cards under a year old and the warranty is still intact as well.

Or, I could buy a new gtx 460 for about 200$+ on newegg, but how big a difference is there in performance comparing these two?
I could care less about DX11, as FFXIV only runs in DX9.

The choice seems obvious, but I want to get some opinions before I make the jump.
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  1. The GTX 460 is nice but it can't beat a GTX 275 for $100. They are basically equal in performance. The GTX 460 is better in a number of other ways but they aren't worth paying twice as much.
  2. ^+1
    go with your friend's GTX 275...
  3. The 460 would fetch you a huge upgrade but the 275 is a mild one from the 4850. But for 100$, its truly worth it :) ( But if u had xfire, u can rather xfire two 4850s )
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