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PSU Scary Crackling Noise

Hello fellows.
I just bought a XFX 650w XXX Edition, and it's doing this strange crackling noise, and I dunno if it's the fan or some eletrical problem. It's happening when computer is idle, but way more frequently when under load.
I've seen more people have this crackling sound, but for some it doesn't happen when idle, for me it does.

My old PSU is a 400w from a generic brand, and was not doing it at all, it was dead quiet. Now when I switched from that 400w+HD4670 to a 650w+HD6850 both from XFX, i'm getting all this. Not to mention the XFX HD6850 sounds like it's about to take off and I think its that faulty bios bullshit.

Edit: It stopped all of a sudden while idle, but 5 minutes on load and it's doing it again. It's idle right now and still doing the sparkles sound.

Any tips or ideas about what it could be, how to solve it, how to test it? Since I'm not in USA it's kinda hard to RMA it (and I'm still not sure the problem is with the PSU itself).

It's a C2D E6320, Asus P5LD2-SE, 2gb ddr2 667 kingston, HD 6850.
(I know the cpu is a huge bottleneck but I'm slowly buying new parts).

Thanks in advance.
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    Since it's brand new, I still suggest you to RMA it to get a replacement (even it's difficult for you)...
    For now you can try re-assemble all the cable, make sure all cables are properly connected...

    Sounds like a faulty PSU to me. I say RMA it ASAP. As for your 6850 see if there isn't a BIOS update for it. You can also try setting the fan speed manually.
  3. Is it that bad? Am I killing flully bunnies?

    I can't see sparkles or notice anything else when that is happening. Tryed reconnecting cables and such, no effect. Does seem to be a faulty psu. I picked a xfx psu cause I thought it was a very good one and would save me any trouble, but guess I was wrong :(

    About the video car, there is a vbios update, isn't there a chance it might be fixed with drivers? I'm not comfortable flashing bios.
  4. the xfx psu is still a good psu, you just happened to get a faulty one, it happens to even the best brands sometimes. You may also want to try changing the power cable with another one.
  5. Too late, I think it just killed my motherboard. Pc won't start, keyboard has no lights, and even switching PSU wont help...

    I died overnight, wtf.
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  7. That's rough. There is a chance that only the PSU died, however when a PSU dies it often doesn't go down alone. Unfortunately, PSUs are sensitive to rough handling in shipping, which makes even good and tested PSUs DOA sometimes.
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