Sony Vaio Blackout

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I have a Sony Vaio PCG GRS 100K laptop. The Monitor fails to turn on
with the computer most of the time, but the HD and CD-ROM Drive lights
turn on. The Caps Lock and Num Lock lights don't turn on (means it does
not go beyond BIOS) and I tried following SONY's FAQ's on this web
but it did not help.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Apply Pressure to the ram chips 1st... if that dosnt work completely
    remove and install RAM again. I also read that reseting the BIOS made
    the fix. One other thing you could try is reinstalling the video

    I have heard many bad things about Sony when I researched your
    question. I would stay away from them in the future.
    Good Luck

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    Thanks Sean, I will try re-setting the BIOS from under the computer and
    see what happens.
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    Anther thing to try is external monitor to see if the backlight is
    failing intermittently. If you are having the RAM problem its
    associated with cold/bad solder joints and needs reworked. This
    problem plagues a ton of Sonys and a few other manufacturers babys.
    Try pulling the RAM from slot 2, Hit the reset button (w/power and
    battery disconnected) If the external monitor does not work. If you
    need help we are available also if you cannot do the repairs
    Ken LaDere
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