My budget cube psu questions

I'm ready to order my parts and I would like to solicit opinions on the PSUs im looking at:


thermaltake lanbox lite
MB: intel BOX DP 55 WB MIcro ATX
Core i7 920
kingston hyper x 3 x 2 GB
WD Caviar Blue 500 GB Sata 7200 rpm
Sony AD-7241 sata dvdrw
win 7 pro 64 bit
GTX 570 1280 MB pci-e x 16

my choices

OcZ Modxtreme 500 watt 80+ silver cert modular PSU

Topower 700W 80+ certified Modular PSU

please opine
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  1. Can we say neither??? , which is my choice!!

    I would go with the Antec EarthWatts EA650
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